What's the fastest way to improve productivity and reduce costs in a manufacturing environment?   

Focus on the Manufacturing tasks that are critical to your strategic Goals.  

We help you do that.

By working to optimize the processes that support your core focus (ie the non-core processes) we ensure that your team can stay focused on executing your mission.

Engineering - Operation - Optimization

Managing non-core Technical Processes well, requires specialized Tools & Expertise, robust and sustainable systems and focused data-driven execution.  It also requires complete transparency so you can proceed with confidence knowing these aspects of your facility are being well taken care of.  

Zimmark provides non-core technical process outsourcing services, where we work to optimize and then continually improve the processes that support your manufacturing.  We work to minimize cost and impact, so your team can stay focused on core innovation and total process cost reduction.

Are you ready for all your non-core headaches to go away?

World class manufacturers know they need to be relentless in their efforts to minimize waste while at the same time implementing sustainable innovation in order to maintain their competitiveness on the global stage.  Balancing waste minimization while driving true innovation is a challenge when internal resources are constantly being distracted by non-core operations.  Though we reduce total process costs for any area we take on management and execution responsibility for, often the greatest impact we can have on a facility is the jump they get in productivity and bottom line performance when their technical resources can stay laser focused on their core strategic advantages.    In the immortal words of Steve Jobs, "I am more proud of the projects we decided not to do vs the ones we did."  Strategic focus of your limited resources is essential in today's highly competitive and changing environment.  

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How We Do It

Technical process optimization and continual improvement are the result of Specialized Expertise (using specialized tools), combined with robust business systems (with measured compliance) and focused/timely execution (driven by data).  We call it operating your non-core process with ESE (pronounced and meaning “ease”).