"Everything in Manufacturing is a Process, Everything" but it does beg the question, is it a good Process?

At Zimmark we like Data and try not to assume anything.  We suspect before we know and then use data and time to confirm.


That said, we do have two real knowns:

  1. Everything in Manufacturing is a process, 
  2. The best way to optimize any process is to identify the inputs that affect the outputs and establish robust process controls to ensure timely corrective actions are occurring to deliver world class process performance.  

Zimmark's Technical Process Management system is built around executing to a plan, a plan that changes based on the data as we work to balance performance and cost.  Designed to maximize available resources, Z-TPM helps clients looking to move from a reactive/preventative maintenance culture to one where data drives day to day activity.


Doing more with less can not be an arbitrary reduction in resources, it needs to be a planned and controlled strategy.  Z-TPM helps you get there.  

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