Trust but Verify....because without data trust is just an opinion

Trust but Verify, because without data, trust is just an opinion


In the mid 80's when working to reduce tensions during the Cold War, Ronald Reagan famously coined the phrase "Trust but Verify"


Its often referenced when outcome is essential and matters more than the relationship itself


How does this relate to manufacturing?


Well, parts manufacturers should only be using suppliers they trust but verification that the product/service meets specific quality standards over time is essential


The potential impact of an out-of-specification product introduced to the manufacturing process can be significant


And therefore the verification step in the process is an essential aspect for manufacturers looking to reach and achieve World Class performance targets


Without a robust verification process, often the root cause to a quality or HS&E related event is never determined since the out-of-specification product is never detected, and never adjusted for


Help us all understand the impact of out-of-specification products being introduced into the manufacturing process


Can you think of a time where a product supplied by a 3rd party, a trusted supplier, ended up creating a significant event or quality spill at your facility? Leave your story in the comments below

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