The Skills Gap is hurting your OEE and profitability.

The Skills Gap is hurting your OEE and profitability.  


The competition for skilled trades and maintenance staff is fierce in manufacturing plants today.  


And that shortage in available skills requires plants to re-think how they are allocating these limited resources.


Limited resources leads to more reactive maintenance, hurts plant efficiency and drives costs up.  


When caught in a reactive cycle, the plant never gets a chance to get ahead and implement the sustainable improvement necessary to stay competitive.


There's no time left to build, implement, manage and maintain the proactive systems necessary to control the process variability that leads to events, failures and waste.  


We've put together a simplified tool to help re-think how you are allocating your skilled resources.


Its based on categorizing and then profiling the 4 types of tasks we need our skilled trades engaged in each day.  


If you are interested in getting  copy of this tool, please leave the phrase "Skills Gap" in the comments below.

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