How much Reactive Maintenance is Too Much?

How much reactive maintenance is too much?


This may sound sacrilegious, but every plant should have a certain amount of reactive maintenance.


There are just some processes that are OK to fail and then fix. 


But good Reactive maintenance is a decision not an accident.


It needs to satisfy the three rules included in the video.

 When those those 3 rules are true, then it probably makes sense to let that process fail.


The problem is, most processes in a parts manufacturing plant don’t satisfy these three rules.


For most processes, consequence of failure can hurt their OEE, it can put the people and manufacturing process at risk.  


It hurts the cost per part.


So back to the original question, how much reactive maintenance is too much? Well as soon as your team is reacting to a failure that doesn’t meet the 3 rules outlined in the video it’s too much.


Now the good news is there is a way out, but it requires you to think about your people and your processes a little bit differently.  



If you are interested in re-thinking how your maintenance department’s time is being spent, write “Reactive” in the comments below and we will send you a tool to help re-assess how they are spending their time and the results you are getting.

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