Can you Outsource 6 Pack Abs?

If you could outsource 6 pack abs, would you?


Seriously if you get someone to do your sit-ups for you.


Eat the right food for you, wake up at 5 AM and run 7 miles for you and you got to keep the Abs that eventually appeared under your shirt, would you do it?

I think most people would, as illustrated by the quick fix billion dollar Protein shake, home gym markets.  


The problem is these promises of easy Abs don't work without serious long term behavior change.


What does this have to do with Parts Manufacturers?  


Well many plants try to address problems with shiny new objects, short term solutions that don't address the real root cause.  


In most cases it's behavior change that needs to happen, not the latest  Widget.


What behavior change am i talking about?  Data Driven decision making.  


Its about managing the lead metrics that influence the result you are looking to change.  

True Plan-Do-Check-Act process management, where data and analytics are used to control the process and identify continual improvement.  


Can you outsource 6-pack abs?  No.


But you can outsource the non-core processes that are impacting your OEE and introducing waste and wasteful activity to your manufacturing process.  


We would love to show you how.