Is Data Window Dressing or an Agent of Change at your Manufacturing facility?

After our last Post "KPI or Useless & Wasteful Metric?" we received a great story from one of our clients.  


After touring the CEO through his facility, and proudly showing off the Team Leaders Metrics Boards, the CEO asked him the tough question:  "what process changes have you made from all this data that will add value and get more product out the door?”




After some reflection our young plant manager couldn't honestly come up with any direct examples of how the data had improved the process or increased their OEE.


To that the CEO said: “if you are not doing anything to add value with the data, it’s just Window Dressing!”



Using data to change behavior is tough, tough to establish but even tougher to maintain.  


There are many reasons it fails, many reasons that over time data moves from an agent of change to wall hangings that fill up plant production boards.    


We are looking to compile and add to the list of why data can go from change agent to window dressing, and need you help. 


Help us all avoid those potential pitfalls by sharing a time at your facility where the data was being used for a while to drive OEE improvement, but over time, it just turned into window dressing.    


Any stories you could share that highlight that switch from value to waste would be greatly appreciated and benefit us all!  


Thank you for sharing!