As the words left his mouth, he knew it was a mistake.....

This is a story about a plant managers efforts to start changing the culture in this parts manufacturing facility.

Caught in the Reactive Cycle, where the maintenance department is celebrated for repair instead of prevention and control, this data driven executive had to take some dramatic action to prove that things needed to change.  


Changing how people think, what they prioritize and what they do every day is brutally hard.  


But its necessary when plant culture stands in the way of reaching our World Class Goals.  


What have you seen or done to try to encourage and drive culture change at your plant?


How have you demonstrated the consistency, commitment and courage necessary to make a lasting change in how people approach their work every day?  


Please add to the conversation below.  


We all want to learn how best to shift the thinking of our team if we are to reach our goals together.

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