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Z-TPM.com is where the systems are all tied together.  It provides the home for the Dynamic control plans that establish the Performance KPI's, process impact threshold limits and sampling frequencies necessary to maintain optimal control.  It includes the data interpretation tools necessary to both trouble shoot issues as well as identify continual improvement opportunities.  It also provides the daily measured compliance against the day to day responsibilities associated with keeping your non-core process in control.  Z-TPM provides complete transparency, allowing our clients to log in 24/7 and review where the process is at, where we are with respect to our execution compliance and access to complete performance/savings reporting.  


Welcome to Z-TPM.com where technical expertise, robust systems and focused execution are all brought together and managed using this sustainable on-line resource.

On-line Training:  Focused Execution using data driven Corrective Actions requires that all site personnel are fully trained and capable on all the methods and techniques required to keep your non-core processes in control.  Zimmark's on-line training system uses video based learning with competency testing and re-train interval scheduling to ensure all personnel associated with your facility are up to date and have the knowledge and skill necessary to manage the process.  Dashboards and reminders keep our technicians compliant with their training profile as Zimmark continues to add content and refine procedures over time to reflect site responsibilities.    


Users are given their own unique user name and password, and assigned a training profile based on their roles and responsibilities.  Courses are either pulled from Zimmark's extensive training library, or customized to reflect the uniqueness of any service location and added to that individuals profile.  Test frequencies are established, and each course has an exam that focuses on re-enforcing the key take always associated with the course to confirm learning effectiveness.   Minimum passing thresholds are defined per course, and students are required to wait 24 hours before re-taking an exam if they are unsuccessful at passing following their initial attempt.


Each registered user has their own unique dashboard that provides a summary of their courses, their status, the re-take date as well as their exam results.  Participants are encouraged to return to the courses anytime they have any questions or concerns regarding specific procedures identified at the facility.

On-Line Time Clock:  All Service On-site Personnel clock in and clock out of our client facilities using this on-line time tracking tool.  By tracking the IP address of the device they clock in from, we are able to ensure that our employees are on-site and executing on their daily responsibilities.

   In addition to on-line clock in/outs, daily compliance reporting compares reported time with their SR Daily Check-list.  A daily summary of the time they spent full filling their daily responsibilities.  Cross checking gives us the information we need to manage the time of our technicians as well as justify and process improvements suggested based on reduced direct labor support.