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Current Quarter:  Q2-2018


Record-able OHSA Events this Quarter

For the week of:  April 21, 2018


April 11/18

Client Identified Events this Quarter

Our goal is Zero Lost Time Accidents every day.  Knowing that a safe work environment results from safe behavior, we want to actively encourage the practices and procedures that minimize the risks associated with industrial accidents.   To keep these behaviors front and center we created Destination Zero. 


Destination Zero: Designed to help encourage and celebrate a zero accident quarter, this program tracks Key Performance Metrics associated with safe behavior, awarding a cash prize each quarter to the employee that has consistently demonstrated the practices and behaviors that result in a safe work environment.  By measuring and reporting specific behavior metrics weekly, our hope is to continue to reinforce the behaviors that help to make safety a daily habit for everyone.


How does it Work?:  On a weekly basis we will collect and report the data necessary to determine who has behaved in a "safe" manner for the various criteria identified.  Over the quarter, our weekly statistics will identify those employees that have "behaved" the most consistently over time.  If there is a clear winner, they will be awarded the prize, if there's a tie, a name will be randomly selected.   


Please note that any lost time accident during the quarter negates the prize for that period and no one will receive a cash award.


The Winner will be announced at the end of each quarter.


Training Compliance

Proper training with regular reinforcement is a critical piece of a safe culture.  As each employee has their own unique training profile specific to the site and their responsibilities, this metric measures how up to date their training is on a week by week basis.  

Safety ZQ Audit

A safety ZQ audit needs to occur at every site every quarter.  It's your Site Supervisor's responsibility to get one completed and all action items addressed before the quarter ends in order to qualify for the Zafety Lottery.

Attendance Metric:

Quite simply, this metric measures whether or not our employees are at work on the days they are scheduled to be there.  Unreported absenteeism puts our people and process at risk and can not be tolerated.  Please ensure your supervisor knows as soon as possible when circumstances occur that you are not able to be at work when scheduled.  

On-Time Metric:

This metric measures whether or not you arrive and "clock-in" at the pre-determined time established by your supervisor.  Its important that our clients know when we are on-site and available to respond to any issues that may come up (safety or otherwise) making our on-time metric an importance performance measurement for our business.  

Clock-in Compliance Metric

We can't manage safety if we are not where we are supposed to be.  This metric is used to confirm that employees are clocking in for work from the designated computer at their work location.  By knowing where our employees are clocking in from, we can be confident they are at work and performing their required functions.

SR Daily Check List (SRDCL) Compliance

The SRDCL is a critical tool we use to identify the tasks being performed by our employees every day.  It becomes the record of any on-site incidents and helps to ensure the tasks we are involved with are done in a safe and consistent manner.  Reviewed at the Daily Site Supervisor meetings, the SRDCL is a critical piece of our safety review process.  This metric measures the receipt as well as the accuracy of our SRDCL's.