Tom geren helps client reduce their waste costs by $36,000 per year


  • When reviewing daily data and alerts, Zimmark Site Supervisor Tom Geren observed that Liquid waste Volume generated at the facility increased by greater than 50% over a 3 month period.
  • The issue was raised on the DSSM (Daily Site Supervisor Meeting) and reviewed with the Account Manager.  Review of system coolant and washer cleanout data indicated that there was no immediately assignable cause for the waste increase.
  • It was brought to the customers’ attention.  No production related cause could be assigned to explain the waste increase.


  • An inspection of the waste water area by Tom Geren, specifically around the waste water trench identified a possible leak as the area was always ‘wet’.
  • It was apparent that efforts (not by Zimmark) had been made to ‘mask’ the leak by placing a glove over it.
  • A work order to Maintenance was issued to repair the leak, communicating that an estimated 150G/day of water was being directed to waste, causing an unnecessary $36,000 per year waste cost.



  • The cost savings outlined provided the maintenance department with sufficient justification to assign resources to conduct the repair
  • The average amount of waste generated per day dropped from 625 gallons to 400 gallons.

Follow Ups

  • Towards the end of April, Zimmark identified 2 additional water leaks in the area (valve and a bulk head fitting) that have since been repaired.  Data from May will be used to calculate additional savings.

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