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Current Quarter:  Q2-2018


Record-able OHSA Events this Quarter

For the week of:  May 14, 2018


April 11/18

Client Identified Events this Quarter

Watch out for this Manufacturing Trap!

When there's a  customer detected quality event, all hell can break loose.  There's missed customer commitments, potential penalties, a loss of reputation and trust that can hurt your relationship with your client, etc.  This story is about a facility that had such an event, and was looking to make a change to ensure the problem never happened again.  Unfortunately they fell into an all too common trap.  In the absence of data, they made some assumptions.  They formed an opinion about what the problem actually was.  And that opinion had them spending money, time and resources while increasing their cost per part that didn't necessarily address the root cause.  

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Are your CI projects Containment Actions or True Process Capability Improvements?

Manufacturing at World Class levels is a relentless pursuit of 100% quality, 100% on time, at the lowest cost possible.  Its about increasing efficiency, while eliminating waste and wasteful activity. 


Plants and plant managers are always on the lookout for how to reduce costs while at the same time improving OEE and keeping their resources focused on high value activities.Unfortunately sometimes, cost reduction efforts can miss the big picture, especially when these initiatives are solely focused on reducing unit costs.


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Is the Ugly Girlfriend keeping you from reaching your Productivity and Cost Reduction Goals?

Tribal knowledge

Most times, its just wrong.

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Is a heavy reliance on tribal knowledge the reason you are stuck in a state of reaction?

Tribal knowledge

the unwritten information that is not commonly known by others within a company.

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Which one of these lines is longer?


In his brilliant and high energy Ted Talk, Eddie Obeng challenges us to question everything we think we know.  He argues that the pace of information and data has flipped everything we "know" on its ear.  Because the rate of change has out paced the rate of our ability to learn, conclusions or truths we believed about in the past, don't hold up in today's world.  Things that were impossible once, are no longer impossible,  Cause and effect that existed not so long ago, no longer holds true as new rules, technologies and insights change the game.  

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Reacting vs Using Data to Manage Change


I visited a client last week that was living the all too common reality that seems to currently exist in the parts Manufacturing Industry.   Due to a shortage in skilled trades, and record setting production levels, their maintenance department was in a constant state of reaction.  

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Poor Emulsion Stability Leads to Excessive Coolant Consumption

We were contacted earlier this month by a client that suspected that the high volumes of waste being generated by their tramp oil skimmer systems was in fact coolant product oil. This technicians concern was that coolant he was adding to the system wasn't having the chance to emulsify and as a result, it was floating on top and being removed by their skimmer systems.    He asked us to investigate. 



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Preventative Maintenance is not Always the Answer

Any time there's a quality event and the customer is involved, the problem needs to be contained, it needs to be fixed...ASAP.  The problem is, in the absence of good data, it's difficult to know what really happened that led to the quality event.  The containment action tends to be an all encompassing "re-set" of the process as we try to bring everything back to its original state when everything was working well (ie a machine clean-out).  If the problem goes away, everyone celebrates and gets back to business.  If the quality event was big enough, a new Preventative Maintenance schedule gets established, and now the system is being re-set at a higher frequency.  The problem is, every re-set is expensive, requires down-time and hurts productivity.  AND it might not even address the real problem that's causing the quality issue to begin with. 

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Shocking News From Alabama, fortunately no one was hurt.


Zimmark Service Technician Micheal Burgess received a minor shock on April 11th 2018 when he reached down to test a tether float in the Gravity Filter Tank at our PRA site in Alabama.  Micheal immediately informed his supervisor (Ken Attard).  The customer was informed of the incident and the incident was recorded under their HSE Requirements.  Micheal was not injured and did not require any medical attention.



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