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Current Quarter:  Q2-2018


Record-able OHSA Events this Quarter

For the week of:  May 14, 2018


April 11/18

Client Identified Events this Quarter

How much Reactive Maintenance is Too Much?

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The Skills Gap is hurting your OEE and profitability.

The Skills Gap is hurting your OEE and profitability.  


The competition for skilled trades and maintenance staff is fierce in manufacturing plants today.  


And that shortage in available skills requires plants to re-think how they are allocating these limited resources.


Limited resources leads to more reactive maintenance, hurts plant efficiency and drives costs up.  

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Trust but Verify....because without data trust is just an opinion

Trust but Verify, because without data, trust is just an opinion


In the mid 80's when working to reduce tensions during the Cold War, Ronald Reagan famously coined the phrase "Trust but Verify"


Its often referenced when outcome is essential and matters more than the relationship itself


How does this relate to manufacturing?

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How to get from good to great!

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Crazy Busy, or Productive Busy? And how do you move from one to the other?

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Focus on Executing the Process, Because Focusing on one result alone can miss the point

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You Know, Sometimes you really should sweat the small stuff

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Re-thinking the allocation of your Skilled Resources

We were working with a client who was struggling with a problem that’s far too common in todays manufacturing sector.  


Another one of their key maintenance guys was retiring and they were extremely concerned about how they were going to replace him. 



Production was at record levels, they were introducing new product lines, but their ability to maintain their equipment and keep their OEE within acceptable limits was becoming a real challenge.   

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Mistaken Identity Leads to excessive costs and Poor OEE

Using KPI data to manage any process is essential if the goal is to improve OEE while optimizing cost.  The problem happens when you are using incorrect data to make decisions.  In this video we tell the story of an Automotive Parts manufacturer that was using RI to manage the concentration in their sumps.  Operators had strict SOP's, with their corrective actions clearly defined.   The problem is, what they were measuring as concentration was really contamination, so no fluid additions were being made.  Fluid Performance degraded, OEE dropped and the facility was struggling to meet their production and quality targets.  

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Watch out for this Manufacturing Trap!

When there's a  customer detected quality event, all hell can break loose.  There's missed customer commitments, potential penalties, a loss of reputation and trust that can hurt your relationship with your client, etc.  This story is about a facility that had such an event, and was looking to make a change to ensure the problem never happened again.  Unfortunately they fell into an all too common trap.  In the absence of data, they made some assumptions.  They formed an opinion about what the problem actually was.  And that opinion had them spending money, time and resources while increasing their cost per part that didn't necessarily address the root cause.  

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