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Our Turnkey Services helped Parker PMD achieve:

A 43% reduction in Fluid Cost Per Part

Condition-based Data Driven Fluid Management


A 72-95%  Improvement in PM Compliance

Daily compliance measurement + transparent communications


A 32% Reduction in Waste Streams per part manufactured

Identification and removal of waste and wasteful activity

Data Driven decision making

We identify the KPI's and using dynamic control plans we "learn" the facility and deliver on-going process improvement

Turnkey process improvement

Whether its product change, on-site recycling, fluid contamination management etc. we validate, implement, manage and maintain solutions that reduce the Total Process cost.

Non core process focus

Services are designed to meet your unique needs.  Our goal is to free up your resources so that your team can focus on your core processes and highest value activities

On-Site Turnkey Services provided in Greeneville

  • Coolant Recycling
  • Hydraulic Oil Recycling
  • Hydraulic Filtration Services
  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Test Stand Filtration Management
  • Machine coolant KPI Monitoring
  • Washer Cleaner KPI Monitoring
  • Equipment Lubrication Services
  • Oil Breather & Filter PM Management
  • Hydraulic Oil KPI Monitoring
  • Coolant Sump PM Cleaning
  • Washer Sump PM Cleaning
  • Material Handling Services
  • Component Cleanliness Monitoring
  • Chemical Inventory & Procurement

Fluid Related Challenges

  • Elevated Chemical and Oil Consumption and Costs
  • Poor equipment lubrication hygiene
  • Shortage of fluid KPI monitoring and process controls
  • Poor component cleanliness process capability
  • High wastewater generation volumes
  • Operator dermatitis and odor complaints
  • Quality concerns - rust, residue, component and oil cleanliness

Benefits Realized Since 2018 Baseline

  • 43% reduction in chemical cost per part or $290,000/year savings (coolants, cleaners and rust inhibitors)
  • On-time PM Compliance improvement from 72% to 95% (Equipment clean-outs)
  • 30% reduction in PM frequency (from 140 clean-outs per month to 97 clean-outs/month) by moving to condition based vs Time based
  • 72,000 gallons of coolant recycled saving $60,000, with zero CAPEX Incurred by customer through shared cost savings program.
  • 16,357 gallons of Hydraulic oil recycled saving $97,000, with zero CAPEX occurred by customer through shared cost savings program.
  • KPI driven Labor reduction: From 4 to 3 full time material handlers, or 4.2 to 9 hoppers dumped per labor hour (114% Improvement).
  • 19% Reduced machine oil consumption, from 0.037 to 0.030 gallons per part through machine consumption monitoring and leak identification & repairs.
  • Enhanced Test Stand oil quality performance from 74% to 94%, through filtration and PM management monitoring.
  • Improved part washer component cleanliness performance, from 60% to 91% or an average max particle size of 479 microns to 325 microns per part.
  • 34% Reduced Wastewater generation/disposal, from 0.44 gallons per part to 0.29 gallons per part resulting in $97,679/year savings.

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