Program implementation

Step 1 - Assessment

·         Frustrated with unplanned downtime due to equipment breakdowns?

·         Experiencing high machine rebuild and repair cost?

·         Suffering with leaky equipment, high oil consumption & monthly lubricant cost?

·         Lacking the system or process to manage your oiler?

·         Concerned about what happens when your current oiler retires?

·         Unsure whether your operators are consistently performing their TPM checks?


Zimmark provides our clients with best in class onsite lubrication services focused on ensuring your equipment is getting the correct lubrication requirements while minimizing your monthly lubricant costs. Results include improved machine up-time and prolonged equipment operating time between rebuild & repairs. 

Challenges to most in-house lubrication programs?

  • Lack of defined process or systems to manage machine lubrication
  • Reliance on specific individuals to know what to do and when to do it
  • No Documentation
  • No Way to Prioritize maintenance outside of reacting to failure
  • Uncertainty about correct oil usage in the correct location 

If you are looking to put your plant onto a path to World Class Lubrication excellence do it with ESE!

technical process management


· Proceduralised use of the correct lubricants 

· Validation and sustained correct lubrication methods

· KPI identification and prioritization

· Regular Data Review to define CI Opportunities


· Daily Equipment Inspection Compliance

· Auto Generated Email Top Up Alerts to warn as new leaks are developing

· Monthly Machine Lubricate Consumption

· Machine Lubrication Performance Reports


· Qualified and fully trained Onsite Technicians

· Daily Review of assigned completion Metric

· Daily Supervisory review 

· Automated Work flow assignment based on dynamic control plans 

When its all working together using a sustainable process:


·  Early Leak Identification and repair

·  Focused Maintenance Activities on high value tasks  

·  Inventory Management 

·  Inspections & Timely Corrective Actions

We optimize and maintain your technical process with ESE, ensuring that your time and resources can stay focused on optimizing the core aspects of your business that generate revenue and keep your plant competitive and world class.


Monthly Consumption Monitoring on a per unit Basis

  • Automated Alerts highlight as new leaks develop
  • Top 5 or top 10 list helps prioritize maintenance

MACHINE PLACARDS give access to real time data on the floor


  • Communicating Control Plan settings
  • Health and Safety Risk sump side
  • Fluid Color Coding to reduce risk of wrong fluid

Monthly Performance Reporting


  • On a per sump basis, a detailed monthly review helps identify CI opportunities

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