On-site waste water treatment

On-site waste treatment presents many challenges to industry today.  The varying nature of the in-fluent generated by most manufacturing facilities makes consistently meeting the several compliance limits a difficult task.  It requires focused expertise combined with dynamic and robust systems to ensure timely adjustments are being made in response to a varying input.  As discharge limits get tighter and tighter, non-compliance penalties larger and industries focus on reducing their overhead, on-site waste water treatment can be a serious liability if allowed to drift out of control.


·        Unexpected Limit exceedances

·         Excessive Over strength agreement charges 

·         Poor treatment effectiveness  

·         High treatment consumables cost

Robust On-site waste water treatment comes down to knowing the KPI's that need to be monitored and maintained and adjusting the treatment process in order to balance effluent compliance and treatment cost.  In an industrial environment the KPI's that impact treatment performance can be very volatile.  Batch to batch to batch variation, can create many challenges resulting in poor treatment effectiveness and excessive treatment/labor costs.  By letting timely data and KPI measurement drive the treatment process, and using data analysis and focused/timely execution to adjust, compliance and cost can be closely managed to ensure the on-site system continues to generate savings over off-site haulage while not putting the plant at risk.  



  • Zinc Discharge Compliance
  • BOD Compliance (Biological Oxygen Demand)
  • Oil and Grease Limit Compliance


If you are looking to put your waste water process onto a path to compliance and net savings, then do it with ESE!

Technical process management


·   Dynamic control plan established identifying cost/performance KPI's

·   Data and trend review to adjust limits, frequencies and add new KPI's as identified

·   True Root Cause trouble shooting using validated KPI Data

·   Regular Data Review to define CI Opportunities

Systems (Robust)

·   Daily KPI testing compliance monitoring

·   Auto Generated Email Alerts to warn of any operational or H&S concern

·   Daily Corrective action review

·   Transparent program dashboards highlighting daily and overall program compliance 

Focused Execution (data driven)

·    Qualified and fully trained Onsite Technicians

·    Daily Review of assigned completion Metrics

·    Daily Supervisory review 

·    Automated Work flow assignment based on dynamic control plans 

When its all working together using a sustainable process:

·   All waste treatment systems are managed within defined control plans

·   Control plans are reviewed and made dynamic in order to optimize the performance/cost ratio

·   Auto Alerts and daily Site Supervisor Review quickly addresses non compliance's and required Corrective Actions 

·    Detailed monthly reporting and KPI review ensures trends are caught early and CI opportunities are identified

We optimize and maintain your technical process with ESE, ensuring that your time and resources can stay focused on optimizing the core aspects of your business that generate revenue and keep your plant competitive and world class.


Unique Dynamic Control Plans

  • All KPI's identified
  • Target, operating, outlyer and alert limits established for each KPI
  • Test frequency defined based on the dynamic nature of Performance Indicator
  • Record of all control plans and control plan changes maintained over time.

Placards give access to real time data on the floor

  • Communicating Control Plan settings
  • Health and Safety Risk sump side
  • Fluid Color Coding to reduce risk of wrong fluid
  • Instant Access to all data 

Performance summary dashboards

  • Any parameter can be reported on the dashboard to monitor volume of waste water created, clean-out frequencies etc.
  • Alert limits are established to provide early warning signs when daily, weekly or monthly waste generation rates exceed historical norms to flag CI opportunities

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