Why Zimmark?

So you can Get back to focusing on your Core manufacturing tasks!

Tired of containment actions or time based PM’s because you don’t know the real root cause to an event? You should be, containment actions are wasteful and steal resources from your core focus.  

Our Non-core Technical process management services identify and closely manage all the KPI’s required to keep your process in control, costs optimized and provides the data to drive continual improvement and root cause problem solving.

  • You run your manufacturing process as usual (we will identify any overlap in defined responsibility to ensure your resources have more time)
  • We identify all the KPI’s associated with the non-core processes as we work to manage cost and process impact.
  • Based on the data collected and analysis performed we execute focused, timely and data driven corrective actions to keep your process optimized.
  • If KPI’s cross identified thresholds, our system automatically notifies the appropriate personnel to take appropriate action.
  • All data is evaluated and trended on an ongoing basis to ensure opportunities for Total Process Cost reduction is identified and implemented.
  • Daily compliance monitoring ensures your process stays in control and that corrective actions are occurring as required.
  • Our on-line management system provides complete data transparency and accountability.  It also delivers audit integrity as all data collected and corrective actions taken are fully documented and available.
  • Services are specific to the application and we do not require a contract.

We’ll help your process run better and let your people stay focused on their responsibilities.  You’ll be amazed at how much more time your core group has to drive innovation and cost reduction once all non-core technical processes are taken off their plate!

Technical process optimization and continual improvement are the result of Specialized Expertise (using specialized tools), combined with robust business systems (with measured compliance) and focused/timely execution (driven by data).  We call it operating your non-core process with ESE (pronounced and meaning “ease”).

Expertise  -Knowing what non-core KPI’s Matter, how quickly they change and the limits they need to be maintained within to balance performance and cost.  Its being able to interpret the data knowing how the KPI’s interact with one another to keep the process in control and costs optimized.  Its using data and performance to identify new KPI’s making the process more robust and cost effective as time goes on delivering continual improvement

Systems – Robust business process is essential in a world when data is being used to make day to day decisions focused on optimizing performance and cost.  You move from Data driven to Reactive very quickly unless compliance to all aspects of the process are closely monitored.   Daily and active compliance monitoring as well as standardization and universal accessibility result in transparency and accountability. 

Execution – Focused and Timely Execution by trained personnel based on KPI driven data is how measurable results are delivered.   Personal accountability is built into the management system of our site personnel, together with on-going reinforcement training and supervision.  

WE optimize and maintain your technical process with ESE, ensuring that your time and resources can stay focused on optimizing the core aspects of your business that generate revenue and keep your plant competitive and world class.