Data Driven Decision making

Waste minimization and process optimization can only be achieved when timely, accurate and relevant data is interpreted and utilized to take corrective actions towards a desired outcome.  This test, interpret, do loop needs to be repeated over time to truly optimize any process.  Without the systems, data, infrastructure and ongoing compliance monitoring however, relying on inconsistent, irrelevant or inaccurate data can cause a process to stay forever in reaction mode.  

Robust Systems Highly proceduralized with built in daily compliance monitoring, Zimmark's Z-TPM process ensures that timely and accurate data is driving our daily corrective actions.  Through on-going data interpretation and timely corrective action, the process becomes more robust and optimized over time. 

Location ID Tags For every piece of equipment we manage, we affix a laminated tag that provides :

  • Control Plan Detail
  • Health and Safety Information related to the product in use
  • Color coding
  • And digital access to the latest data on-line 

Root Cause Trouble Shooting  - In the absence of data, companies are forced to contain problems instead of fix them.  Containment is expensive and doesn't guarantee that the problem will not re-occur.  Many plants use time based preventative systems to try and stay ahead of problems.  By having the robust data driven processes in place, its possible to learn over time all the KPI's that impact a process and significantly reduce total process cost while also reducing the risk of the process failure related event.

Continual Improvement  - By measuring and monitoring the KPI's, by adding KPI's over time and adjusting performance/costing limits, the process continues to improve.  By establishing improvement targets and monitoring against that target over time, its possible to continue to improve the process and adjust its net impact on the core operations.

We optimize and maintain your technical process with ESE, ensuring that your time and resources can stay focused on optimizing the core aspects of your business that generate revenue and keep your plant competitive and world class.