product independence

Zimmark does not sell or represent any product or process consumable.  Our goal is to work with our clients to determine the most cost effective product and combination of products that deliver the lowest total process cost.  Initially our focus is to establish the systems and measurables to optimze the existing products and consumables already in place at the client site.  Once we have a stable process, we are then able to use the data together with off-line testing to determine whether a product or consumable change will reduce the process cost further.  


By not profiting from the sale of products or consumables, we align our goals and objectives with our clients working to reduce direct costs as we use data to drive our day to day corrective actions.  By combining both performance measurables with direct costing measurables, we work to optimize the non-core processes that are currently being ignored or misunderstood due to a lack of focus or available resource.  

As a trusted technical resource, we work with our clients to identify the best value products and suppliers necessary to reduce the Total Process Cost while improving productivity and minimized compliance risk.