Transparency is critical when deciding whether or not to trust a 3rd party with an aspect of your manufacturing process that can impact compliance risk, process performance and present potential Health and Safety impact.  Our Z-TPM process builds transparency into all aspects of our service.  All data is available to our clients 24/7.  Compliance to control plan is measured daily and available via our on-line dashboard.   We collect 100's of KPI data points related to the support processes we manage daily and use that to drive our adjustments and corrective actions.  Through detailed data interpretation and analysis our goal is to help our clients optimize their total process cost through better control and data driven decision making.  

We focus on reducing process variability by measuring and correcting in a timely manner the KPI's that impact cost and process performance.  Through data analysis and interpretation we work to deliver continual process improvement and when a problem does occur, reliable and timely data assists in determining the true root cause.