What we do

Hate containment actions or time based PM’s because you don’t know the real root cause to a non-core related event?


Data driven decision making identifies the root of the problem by closely managing the non-core KPI’s that matter.

We identify the KPI's that are the root cause to OEE, HS&E or excessive costs (ie waste) and then put in the management practices and equipment necessary to ensure that these process variables are being managed and maintained on an on-going basis.  By controlling the root causes, our clients move from a reactive world to one where data is being used to manage and improve.  Through full transparency, our clients are able to focus on their core high value activities, driving up operational efficiency through out the organization.  By taking care of the little things (the non-core processes), we let our clients focus on the big (their core processes)


Our Job is to reduce variability in the non-core aspects of your process that hurt productivity and the bottom line. We identify and then put in the sustainable controls to manage the KPI's within acceptable limits.  We then work to drive costs down over time by implementing sustainable strategies to reduce the cost burden of these non-core processes.  


  • 1st you don't have to pay attention to these distractions ever again,
  • 2nd we work to reduce the total process cost by optimizing these processes through data and best practices.