Who we are

Sometimes its easier to describe who you are, by first explaining who you are not!

We are not Consultants:  though we bring specialized expertise like consultants, we are a technical service company that 1st identifies the opportunities for improvement and then implements the sustainable systems necessary to realize the benefit.  We then use the tools necessary to keep improving based on operating data over time.


We are not Product Suppliers: We do not sell product, in fact we align our goals with our clients, ie minimize product usage by tightly managing the KPI's that impact process performance and cost.  As we do not profit from product sales, we work to first stabilize and then optimize existing products.  If the client is looking to make a product change, we have a defined process that evaluates relative product performance for competing products to help our clients pre-qualify product change while managing a smooth transition.  


We are not Equipment Suppliers:  Though equipment is often a critical aspect of our overall strategy to reduce costs and improve process robustness, we evaluate competing technologies on our clients behalf to justify both capital and operating costs.  We then put in the necessary controls to ensure the product continues to deliver value over time.  


We are not Software Suppliers:  Web based tools are an important aspect of our services.  However ensuring they are fully implemented, fully populated with operating KPI data and that the data is reviewed on an on-going basis is often where clients can over commit to ambitious software driven solutions.  


We are aligned with your goals to improve productivity and reduce your total process cost by optimizing the processes that you do not have the time, expertise, resources or best in class systems to manage and maintain:

We combine our specialized knowledge, robust web based tools and focused data driven execution to tightly manage complete processes in a manufacturing environment.  


We do through our on-site assessments determine which processes are hurting your productivity and negatively impacting productivity and profitability:


By Assessing your current state through KPI performance Sampling, we determine and quantify the benefit of moving to an optimized best in class solution for the non-core processes that are under performing in your facility.


We do stand behind our services through our non contract guarantee, where we have to prove and demonstrate our worth month after month, by meeting and exceeding your on-going expectations:


Our Performance Management model measures compliance on an ongoing basis to ensure that our day to day responsibilities are being performed and that we are using the data to drive continual improvement. 

We optimize and maintain your technical process with ESE, ensuring that your time and resources can stay focused on optimizing the core aspects of your business that generate revenue and keep your plant competitive and world class.